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“Then  your hearts  became  hard like stone or harder (than stone). Verily, from some stones gush forth rivers, and some split and water gushes therefrom, and some (stones) roll (from heights) for the fear of Allah. And, Allah is not oblivious of what you are doing.”


This is precisely the state of the hearts of Muslims who recklessly squander tons of wealth despite being fully aware of the sad and lamentable plight of the suffering Syrian refugees. For awareness of their plight there is no need for much introduction. Almost every Muslim is aware of the horrendous brutalities which have been inflicted on the Syrian Muslims by the satanic Shiah hordes of Asad, the Devil-Incarnate.


Thousands and thousands of Muslim women have been abducted and imprisoned under brutal and horrible conditions of rape in Syrian prisons. There being absolutely no law and order in the Shiah-controlled prisons in Asad’s regime, these Muslim Sisters are being daily raped and brutalized by specimens of creation who are sub-human – worst than khanaazeer. For $5,000 ransom some prison warders will release a woman. But this option is not available on a mass scale.


Our team has just returned from Turkey where some Zakaat was distributed to about 3,000 families. This is a tiny drop in a vast ocean of misery and suffering. There are approximately 300,000 Syrian refugees in Turkish refugee camps. These refugees are in the circumstances ‘well-cared’ for by the Turkish government. There is ample basic food for these refugees. There are huge warehouses filled with food stores and the catering facilities are not operating at full steam and capacity. This indicated that the refugees in the camps have adequate food supplies. Daily trucks laden with food, and in Ramadhaan with cooked food, cross the Syrian border from Turkey to deliver food to refugees in camps within the borders of Syria.


The real and heart-tending plight relates to the approximately 3 million unregistered Syrian refugees in Turkey who have to fend for themselves. The vast majority – 90% – of these refugees are women. Most of these women were from good homes – wealthy or middleclass. Although this segment of the refugees are now safe from the brutality of the Syrian Shiahs and ISIS elements, they are nevertheless languishing and suffering in dire straits of poverty.


Among them are innumerable wounded. Due to chemical poisons used by the satanic forces in Syria, either the U.S.A. or the Shiahs of Asad, our team has witnessed some of babies. They constantly roll from side to side due to the horrible injuries inflicted on their brains by the poisonous chemicals utilized as weapons by the satanic forces.


These millions of unregistered refugees, mostly females, living in various location in Turkey, not in camps, are not the responsibility of the government, hence they suffer in their struggles whilst Muslims all over the world squander millions of dollars on mock umrahs, tours, holidays, haraam weddings, haraam luxuries, bid’ah massive i’tikaafs, bid’ah jalsahs, naa’t jalsahs, family-gatherings, and on many other satanic practices and customs. Muslim multi-millionaires and billionaires are doling out pittances, not even their full Zakaat amounts, which all amount to a drop in the vast bottomless ocean of suffering in which these Muslim sisters are swimming and drowning. The scenes witnessed bring tears to the eyes. For understanding the reality of their suffering and for shedding tears, it is necessary to personally witness the scenes. Only then will the reality dawn and perhaps sink into the hearts of stone of people who have become the brothers of the shayaateen as a consequence of haraam waste of money. In this regard, Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“Do not squander. Verily, the wasters are the BROTHERS of the Shayaateen (Devils), and shaitaan unto his Rabb was kaafir.”


A genuine Muslim who is genuinely grieved by the plight of the suffering Muslims, especially of such Sisters who have been brutalized and who are today compelled to languish in dire straits of poverty, will never have the heart to squander money in the variety of wasteful pursuits in which the wealthy segment of the Ummah is insanely grovelling. While Muslims are following in the footsteps of shaitaan, millions of Muslims are suffering – suffering and suffering, and for this injustice committed by the Ummah, they will suffer in the Aakhirat.


Insha-Allah, after Ramadhaan, we intend to send our team to Turkey to distribute Zakaat, etc., to some of these unregistered Syrian Sisters. In the Name of Allah Ta’ala we ask Muslims to contribute with open hearts. We are not approaching you with cap in hand. Contribute generously and regard the acceptance of your Zakaat as a favour bestowed to you by those to whom it will be given in Allah’s Name.   Neither your Zakaat nor your Lillah funds are favours for the Fuqara and Masaakeen. If it is a favour, it is a favour conferred on you, the Zakaat-payer. Those discharging your obligation are rendering a favour to you. So get this message clear.


Those who are keen to  build up their capital in Jannat – those who are seeking Allah’s Pleasure and salvation in the Aakhirat, should contribute with extreme generosity, not dole out tits and bits and pittance for this noble  LOAN to Allah Azza Wa Jal. He says in the Qur’aan Majeed: “Give beautiful loans to Allah…”


Those who are not by the means to contribute considerable amounts, Allah Ta’ala appreciates and will reward munificently even their small sums, even their one rands. Allah Ta’ala looks at the heart from which the charity springs. Many a time, the one rand of a person has a greater value by Allah Ta’ala than a million given by someone else. No one is deprives in Allah’s Realm of thawaab. Every Muslim is under WAAJIB obligation to contribute to this Project for Divine Love for our suffering Sisters in dire need.


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Complaining – with valid Shar’i justification – about the wasteful, haraam partying which is organized at the time of Iftaar in the Musjid in Tongaat, a Brother writes:

“In our masjid I found today iftaar to be like a massive party. Dastarkhans Wer laid from half an hour earlier. Samoosas bajiyas haleem etc all laid. Azaan was suppose to be at 17h13. Azaan went at 17h15. people carried on eating while the azaan was being called out. Eventually jamaat started at 17h23..

Is this correct ? What is the correct method to break the fast in the masjid.if the trustees wish to provide iftaar should kajoor just be provided with zam zam.

Seems very incorrect to me. And the delaying of the salaah to feast is very annoying to us who want to perform our salaah and go home to our family”

(End of letter)


This evil problem is not restricted to the Tongaat Musjid. It is a disease of epidemic proportions. It exists in most Musaajid.

These types of wasteful parties in the Musjid to gratify the gluttonous lusts of people are not permissible. There is a Sunnah method of Iftaar which is Waajib to follow. The provision of dates and water is more than adequate.

A very important act related to Saum (Fasting) is Iftaar or to break the fast at its appropriate time. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) emphasised the importance and the virtues of correct observance of Iftaar. Correct observance of Iftaar means to observe it in the Sunnat way.

Although Iftaar is ostensibly a mundane act of eating some food, it is an ibaadat of much thawaab (reward) as well. However, Iftaar will be bereft of its spirituality and ibaadat dimension if it is not observed in the Masnoon manner.



It should be well understood that Iftaar is not feasting. It is not an act to discharge gluttonously or with impatience. It is a spiritually pleasurable act or should be so. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that the Saa-im (the fasting person) experiences two moments of happiness or pleasure. The one moment is when he makes Iftaar and the other moment will be the occasion when he meets his Rabb (in the Aakhirah).

This pleasurable exercise should not be contaminated and ruined with greed and impatience when it is time to end the fast. The Masnoon method of breaking the fast is to eat some dates or to drink some water. It should not be transformed in a veritable feast with heavy foods as has become the norm in most places. Instead of the light Iftaar which was the practice of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and his Sahaabah, people have developed the greedy and impatient habit of stuffing their bellies with food of a variety of kinds while the Athaan is in progress. They are consequently deprived of the thawaab of responding to the Athaan. They suffer the loss of the Sunnat acts of responding to the Athaan and of the Masnoon light Iftaar which is not only spiritually beneficial but which is physically beneficial as well. The sudden avalanche of food which descends into the stomach which has become contracted as a result of the day-long abstention from food and water, leads to disorders in the body. The repercussion of such disorders can be severe and very harmful for even the physical health.

The excessive feasting at the time of Iftaar leads to spiritual lethargy, indigestion and delay in beginning of the Maghrib Salaat. To gain the best rewards of Iftaar, spiritual and physical, it is necessary to break the fast with only some dates or water. The Maghrib Salaat should then commence almost immediately after the Athaan, perhaps three or four minutes after the Athaan, not 10, 15 and even 20 minutes after the Athaan as has been observed in some places where people feast like gluttons. In this way, they detract from the benefits of the Saum. The best results of ibaadat can be acquired only if the proper Masnoon method is adopted.



A darul uloom is advertising the sale of sheep fitted with spectacles. The pictures have also been published by the darul uloom. They are offering Qur’baani sheep for sale. The sheep have not yet been purchased by them. However, they have advertised the sale of these sheep-to-be-bought for sale by the laybye system. They have provided their banking details. What is the ruling of the Shariah regarding these sheep for the purposes of Qur’baan?


The sale of the spectacled ghost sheep is baatil (baseless, haraam, null and void). It is not permissible to purchase objects which are not in the ownership and possession of the seller.

The consequence of faasid and baatil sales is the effect of RIBA. It will be like making qur’baani of stolen animals – animals acquired by theft.

The entity offering non-existent sheep and displaying the haraam pictures of the sheep with the added mockery of spectacles on the sheep, is not a darul uloom. It is DAARUL JAHL (the Abode of Ignorance). It is totally unexpected of a Deeni institution to engage in such brazen and flagrant haraam acts for the sake of monetary objectives.

They are shockingly ignorant and insensitive regarding the great and sombre act of Qur’baani. They are more ignorant of the spirit underlying this momentous sacrifice offered by Hadhrat Ibraaheem, (Alayhis salaam). Their dastardly act of mockery is akin to the type of mockery which the kuffaar make of the Ahkaam and Shi-aar of Islam.


Reprimanding these types of mockers, the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“Say (to them, O Muhammad!) What! Do you jest with His Laws and His Rasool? Do not now make excuses. Verily, you have committed kufr after your Imaan.”

For their flagrant acts of mockery of Allah’s Ahkaam and for their flagrant portrayal of haraam pictures, they should resort to Taubah and also renew their Imaan, for it is palpably clear that they believe that haraam pictures are halaal.

Even according to the most liberal Deobandi Molvi who has strayed from Siraatul Mustaqeem on several major issues, pictures of animate objects are haraam. Whilst he baselessly claims that digital pictures are permissible, he maintains that when such pictures are printed on paper then it is HARAAM. We do not know whom these miscreants of Daarul Jahl are following. From whence did they gain the idea that the haraam pictures of the sheep are halaal?


“Salaam on those who follow the Hidaayat (of Allah).”


The attack by a sinister foreign force in the Shiah temple at Ottawa, Verulam is not the effect of any Shiah-Sunni conflict. The sinister force is utilizing the Shiah-Sunni red herring to create anarchy in South Africa just as they (the evil forces) have succeeded in Pakistan and elsewhere. Ignorant people – Muslims and non-Muslims – here have already fallen victim to this massive satanic deception of the attack being the consequence of Shiah-Sunni conflict. Those who had committed the dastardly crime at the Shiah temple were men trained and paid by the alien sinister force. It is regrettable that the security apparatus in the country has failed to unravel the supposed ‘mystery’ of an act which does not pose a conundrum for men of intelligence. The only way to thwart and neutralize the conspiracy of the sinister forces is to avoid falling into the snare which is being set for the spread of anarchy. It is essential to understand that in so far as the Ulama are concerned, the Shiah-Sunni conflict is at the academic level only. The sinister forces are manipulating this academic dispute to cast it into the mould of violence to foment anarchy which will guarantee it (the sinister force) a strong foothold in this country. It is the job of the authorities to unravel the plot, and we believe that this should not be a daunting task for the government and not allow themselves to become entrapped in the ISIS propaganda dished out by the U.S.A. This attack on the Shia temple was NOT an act by the nonexistent ghost which the U.S. dubs as ISIS. ISIS is a phantom created by the sinister forces to give effect to the objectives of anarchy and destabilization conspiracy of the satanists. Whenever they deem it necessary for the realization of their plot, the bogey is put into action. It is hoped that the authorities will not be entrapped in this massive, dark ISIS ghost deception.

[article by UUCSA]





In a damage-control statement, SANZAF, the modernist, pro-Shiah entity collecting millions of rands of the Muslim community’s Zakaat, avers that it believes in the beliefs and practices of the Ahlus Sunnah. We maintain that this averment is a flimsy outer smokescreen to ensure that Muslims who have been contributing millions of rands to its coffers will not refrain from supporting SANZAF. There is no conundrum underlying the canard proffered by SANZAF to gain the confidence of the Muslim community. If the notoriety of SANZAF’s recent misdeed dawns on Muslim contributors, it will deal a staggering blow to the finances of this entity. It will then have to increasingly rely on the boodle from Iran. It is of vital importance for Muslims to understand that Zakaat is not an optional form of charity. When a Muslim performs Salaat, he renders no favour to others. The favour is unto himself alone. Similarly, when he executes his Zakaat obligation, he renders no favour to the poor and destitute – to the Fuqara and Masaakeen. On the contrary, the latter renders him a great favour for accepting the Zakaat and Sadqaat. Zakaat is an obligation in the same class as Salaat, Saum and Hajj. The valid discharge of Zakaat is regulated by stringent rules and regulations which have absolutely no importance to modernists, especially if they are Shiah sympathizers. Muslims are blissfully unaware that modernist organizations handling Zakaat and even Lillah funds subject the distribution to their baatil opinions. They draw fat and very fat ‘salaries’ from Zakaat funds, justifying it with their opinionated interpretation of the Qur’aanic Aayat which permits the Ameerul Mu’min (the Head of the Islamic State) to utilize from the Zakaat funds a portion to remunerate those appointed by the Khalifah to collect Zakaat funds. These self-appointed zakaat-collectors come nowhere within the precincts of the Aamileen mentioned in the relevant Qur’aanic Aayat. They are opportunists living in luxury, pomp and style feeding themselves and their families from the Zakaat monies they collect. Besides such misdeeds, SANZAF’s recent capital sin and crime is its support for Shiahs under the aegis of the so-called ‘Cape Accord’ which every intelligent Muslim understands is a Shiah inspired device designed to undermine Islam. It is essential to understand that the division of Islam into two groups, viz. Ahlus Sunnah and Shiah, is false. This is utterly baseless. It is deceptive and grossly misleading, and it has been coined to accord Shi’ism a pedestal in Islam. There is only one Islam, and Shi’ism is not part of Islam. Shi’ism is an alien religion. It has no niche in Islam. It is anti-Islam just as all other false religions are anti-Islam. The difference however between the Shiah religion and other false religions in this era is that Shiahs have a greater aversion for Islam than the other religions. When it is said ‘Ahlus Sunnah’, it is not stated in opposition to Shi’ism nor does it convey the idea that Shiahs are part of Islam. Ahlus Sunnah refers to mainstream Islam – the Islam of the Sahaabah – in opposition to such deviant sects which have not been excommunicated from Islam. Such sects are the Salafis and Barelwis of our day for example. Shiahs and Qadianis are not Muslims. They have no share in Islam. SANZAF by joining the haraam ‘Cape Accord’ has displayed its true colours which it has hitherto concealed from Muslim contributors. Now that it has clambered aboard the Shiah ‘Cape Accord’ wagon, it has denuded itself from the cover under which it has for decades concealed its religion. But people of intelligence had not been befooled by this modernist entity. What exactly motivated SANZAF to join the Shiah ‘Cape Accord’? SANZAF is not an organization representing the Muslim community. Its only function is collecting money – Zakaat, etc. from the Muslim community. It is not some Shiah community which had supported SANZAF for the past four decades. All its contributors are Muslims. Now betraying the trust of Muslims, SANZAF joins an entity which fully supports Shiahs who are notoriously venomous against the Sahaabah whose love via Rasulullah’s Love is embedded in the hearts of all Muslims. Just what business did this money-collector have to impel it to join the haraam ‘Cape Shiah Accord’? To maintain some credibility, it is imperative for SANZAF to announce its withdrawal from the ‘Cape Accord’. It is also the Waajib obligation of Muslim contributors to apply pressure on SANZAF to withdraw from the Shiah accord. If these Muslim contributors love Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), they will love the Sahaabah, and whoever loves them will never strike up a friendship and an accord with those who have hatred for Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and his Sahaabah. Whoever hates the Sahaabah, hates Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), and this is confirmed by Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) himself, for he said: “My Sahaabah! My Sahaabah! Those who love my Sahaabah do so because of my love, and those who hate them, do so because they hate me.” WE WARN MUSLIMS OF THE DAY OF QIYAAMAH WHEN THEY WILL BE IN THE DIVINE COURT INDICTED FOR HAVING HATED RASULULLAH (SALLALLAHU ALAYHI WASALLAM) BY WAY OF BEFRIENDING THOSE WHO HATED HIS SAHAABAH. Dissociation from the Shiahs and from all Shiah sympathizers in no way whatsoever negate harmonious coexistence. These modernists monotonously harp on this stupid cliché to bootlick westerners who are the worst violators of humanity, peace and harmony. Our call is the call of the Deen. It is the Call of Haqq which is never nugatory of harmony and peace. SANZAF should therefore desist from dangling the ‘harmony’ chimera to hoodwink Muslims and to justify its now overt support for Shi’ism.



Recently – a few days ago during June 2018 – the Saudi-Trump bootlicking Imaam Sudais, delivered a talk in the Musjid in Geneva, Switzerland. From the audience an Algerian Arab Brother interjecting fearlessly castigated and grilled Sudais. We reproduce here a translation of the Brother’s Arabic Naseehat for Sudais, the Saudi regime and Trump. Sudais was ignominiously ushered out by his bodyguards…
Fee Amaanillah

Assalaamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh. Is there a chance for discussion, O Shaykh? O Shaykh, I have a question? O Shaykh, I have a question, O Shaykh!

How can America and Saudi Arabia lead the nations of the world towards peace while they prevent people from peace? How can you lecture us about peace while you boycott and starve our brothers in Yemen and Qatar? And you plotted, aided and abetted the coup in Algeria, the coup in Egypt and the coup in Turkey.Stop them for they are answerable!

Stop them for they are answerable! Your prosecutor is Allah. You are conspirators. O Preachers of Falsehood! You, O Preachers of Falsehood, are answerable on the Day of Judgement for your current stance(A man tried to stop him by saying that he was causing fitnah. The response:) This is not fitnah. Fitnah is being silent in the face of fitnah. He (Sudais) comes here and preaches to us; he gives us fatwa legalizing the killing of our brothers in Yemen. You (O Sudais) are just like the Raafidhis (Shiah) of Iran. You have nothing to tell us today, and we will neither listen nor obey. O Slaves of America! We know the meaning of freedom and peace because we live in a country of freedom and peace. Allah helps a just government, be it kaafir. As

for you, you are bootlickers of the tyrants. To hell with you! And may la’nat (curse) follow you till the Day of Resurrection.
(A man interjected: “Please stop, brother.”)I will not stop, O Brother! This is the treatment for people of his ilk. The one who is silent about the truth, is devoid of truth.
(Another man interjected: “Please stop! You are not going to achieve anything.”) He supplicates in the Haram for leaders of wine; who kill people, and here you are telling me not to maintain silence!!! I am a guest of Ar-Rahmaan. I am in the House of Allah. Assemblies have been convened and armies have been mobilized. He gave fatwas and preached (falsehood). Now it’s my turn. When they glorify the rulers at the expense of the people their motive is to create tension among the Muslims over religious issues to serve the interests of America. O slaves of America! Trump will not avail you. Trump and … they oppress the people of peace. They do not steer the world towards peace.May Allah humiliate your faces! This is the falsehood you call people to! Whoever you supported, O Sudais, whoever you supported in the 1992 coup in Algeria, the blood is in your hands.The coup in Egypt, and the thousands murdered! The coup in Turkey! You are responsible; you and the nations that plot. When you go back to Salman… you hide like mice O Slaves of Trump!May Allah humiliate you! You and your alcoholic leaders! May all the slaves and servants and the workers of the intelligence services be crushed! They will not benefit you-not the collaborators of the intelligence service, nor Salman nor Trump. They will not avail you. They will not avail you in your graves. Trump and Salman both call the world towards peace!!! Trump and Salman deceive the people of the world. They commit atrocities. All we see are the preachers and supporters of the coups of criminals.I am not an Ikhwaani (from the Brotherhood), but all Muslims are Ikhwaani (my brothers).



Beware of the Tariq Jamil Dajjaal
Since the inception of the long and glorious chain of Nubuwwat with its 124,000 links of Ambiyā and Rusul, every Nabi was a lone, forlorn stranger in a world in which baatil (falsehood) preponderated.

The Ambiya were always supposedly “negligible” and “insignificant”. They were strangers and ridiculed by their communities. They were labelled “Madmen, Sorcerer, Liars, Poets,” etc. They were persecuted and murdered and, ultimately, by the command of Allah Azza Wajal, the Ambiya cursed their Kuffar communities. The Qur’aan Majeed confirms these facts.

Although the Ambiya (Alayhimus Salaam) were unpopular, despised and rejected during the greater part of their mission, Allah Ta’ala bestowed Victory to Them. Thus, the Qur’aan says:
“The ultimate Victory is for the Muttaqeen.”
Victory in this context does not mean popularity of the type enjoyed by Iblees, Dajjaal, Pop-singers and the league of Iblees such as Tariq Jamil and the host of other Mudhilleen, no does “Victory” envisage numerical and material superiority. It means acceptance by Allah Azza Wajal and the disgrace of the Kuffaar.View the Victory of Nooh (Alayhis Salaam). After 9 Centuries of Da’wat and Tableegh, only about 80 members of his community accepted Islam. The entire nation was destroyed by Allah Ta’ala in the Great Flood. Hadhrat Nooh (Alayhis Salaam) was extremely unpopular among his people.

There will be a Nabi who will enter Jannat with only one follower. In his entire mission, the Nabi managed to convert only one man to Islam. In Allah’s Wisdom, this was Victory.

Muslims should not follow someone on the basis of his popularity and eloquence of speech. These accomplishments are necessary attributes of Shaitaan and Dajjaal. That is why the Small Dajjaal, Tariq Jamil, is able to adroitly acquit himself with Satanism and dajjaaliyat.

Those who fall into the Shaitaani trap of popularity and the snare of oratory and eloquence, come within the purview of the Qur’aanic Aayat:
“If you follow the majority on earth the verily, you will become Mushhrikoon.”



Q. A man, Abu Layth in the U.K., posing as a Maaliki, is propagating many weird views of kufr. Among his deviances are the following:

1) Tattooing the body is halaal.

2) Wearing earrings is halaal for men.

3) Masturbation is halaal.

4) He rejects the coming of Imaam Mahdi (Alayhis salaam).

5) He denies the Khurooj of Dajjaal.

6) He denies the coming of Nabi Isaa (Alayhis salaam).

7) He criticizes Imaam Bukhaari (Rahmatullah alayh).

8) He calls Bukhaari Shareef fairy tales.

Besides these, he has many other absolutely shaitaani ideas and teachings.

What is the status of this man who is supposedly an Aalim?

A. Shaitaan too was a great Aalim. Rasulullah’s predictions have to materialize. The appearances of human devils (Shayaateenul ins) as mentioned by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has to occur. The lout you have mentioned is one such devil in human form. Perhaps he is the Devil Incarnate, hence he disgorges the satanic effluvium listed by you.

It should be obvious to all Muslims that this villain is not a Muslim. He is a Munaafiqmasquerading as a Muslim. Shaitaan has innumerable such agents prowling around the world. Their profession is to deviate Muslims and lead them to the path of Jahannam.  Only those destined to be the inmates of Jahannam will follow such a shaitaani crank as the hoodlum pointed out by you.

Complicit in the kufr and fisq propagated by this human devil are the Ulama at your end. Those who maintain silence whilst the Rubbish propagates his rubbish, are also shayaateen. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) branded them ‘Dumb Devils’.

Whilst the appearances of these minor Dajjaals is imperative and a cause of grief for us, they are among the Signs of Qiyaamah and have to be accepted. There is nothing surprising in their onslaught on the Deen. This type of evil and fitnah is incremental as we approach Qiyaamah.

26 Zil Hajj 1439 – 7 September 2018



by  Maulana Khaalid Khaan Qaasmi

A new way  adopted for wishing one another on the day of ‘Eid is  hand-shaking and hugging. This practise  has no basis in the Shariah of Islam.  Since this practice is not proven from any statement, deed or narration of Nabi (Sallallaahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam), nor from any Sahaabi (radhiyallaahu ‘anhum), and nor from any  Mujtahid Imaam,  it is a bid’ah which is an innovated  into Deen. It is a baseless custom.

The claim  of some people  that it is a good innovation is nothing but shaytaani deception and trickery. How can any Believer claim  that a practise which is innovated in conflict with Allah’s Shariah  and the Sunnah of  His Nabi (Sallallaahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam) is  better or good? It is of utmost importance to abstain from  these innovations.In fact hand-shaking embracing are  beautiful way and  good practices which are recommended by the Shariah.

However, the practice will  remain virtuous and [praiseworthy as long as it is observed in the manner specified by the Shariah. If it is  effected in conflict with the specification s of the Shariah, then that very practice which per se is laudable will be transformed into an evil innovation.It will be an act of transgression deserving punishment from Allah Ta’aala.Understand well that the Pristine Shariah has ordained hand-shaking at the time of meeting and departing, and  embracing/hugging at the time of returning from a  journey. There these two acts if done at these specified occasions, will  be deemed to be  Sunnah  and a means of virtue and reward.

If done on other then the specified occasions,  such as  the time of  the two Eids, it will be bid’ah. It is indeed anamolous that the father, sons, brothers, relatives, neighbours and friends  arrive collectively from their homes at the Eidgah and immediately after completing the Eid Salaah, they begin shaking hands with one another despite the fact that a very short while ago they had  collectively arrived from their homes chatting with one another. Neither is this their first meet nor is it a time for their separation, yet they initiate the acts of hand-shaking and hugging believing it to be an act of virtue associated with the occasion of Eid.  But the Shariah has not ordained these acts of hand-shaking and hugging for these occasions.

These are acts contrary to the Sharee’ah. They are s a bid’ah – a reprehensible innovation and interpolation  in Deen.  It is incumbent to abstain from all such acts.

9 Zil Hajj 1438 – 21 August  2018



By a U.K. Student

 Imam Ishaq bin Rahwayh, one of the senior teachers of Imam Bukhari (rahmatullah alayhimaa), was known as Ameerul Mu’mineen fil Hadeeth which was the highest pedestal in the field of Hadeeth during the era of the Salaf-us-Saaliheen who were the most blessed and superior of generations according to Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) himself.

The following authentic and direct eye-witness testimony of Imam Ishaq bin Rahwayh portrays without the slightest ambiguity the unanimous practice of the Salaf-us-Saaliheen and their understanding (fahm) of the Hadeeths pertaining to the Taraweeh prayers – which is the ONLY correct practice and understanding:

وأما الإمام إذ صلى بالقوم ترويحة أو ترويحتين، ثم قام من آخر الليل فأرسل إلى قوم فاجتمعوا فصلى بهم بعد ما ناموا فإن ذلك جائز، إذا أراد به قيام ما أمر أن يصلي من التراويح، وأقل من ذلك خمسة. مع أن أهل المدينة لم يزالوا من لدن عمر رضي الله عنه إلى زماننا هذا يصلون أربعين ركعة في قيام شهر رمضان، يخففون القراءة. وأما أهل العراق فلم يزالوا من لدن علي رضي الله عنه إلى زماننا هذا على خمس ترويحات، فأما أن يكون إمام يصلي بهم أول الليل تمام الترويحات ثم يرجع آخر الليل، فيصلي بهم جماعة فإن ذلك مكروه. ألا ترى إلى قول عمر رضي الله عنه حيث قال: التي تنامون عنها خير من التي تقومون فيها، فكانوا يقومون أول الليل، فرأى القيام آخر الليل أفضل.فإنما كرهنا ذلك لما روى عن أنس بن مالك رضي الله عنه وسعيد بن جبير- رحمه الله تعالى-١ كراهية التعقيب

“As for when the imam leads the people in one or two Tarweehahs (sets of 4 raka’ts) and then he gets up at the end of the night and sends for the people and they assemble and then he leads them after they have slept – that is permissible, when he intends thereby to perform what has been ordered to pray of the tarweehahs, and THE MINIMUM OF THAT IS 5 (TARWEEHAAT i.e. 20 RAKATS); although the inhabitants of Madinah have not ceased, from the time of Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) to this time of ours, to pray 40 raka’ts [i.e. 20 + 16 + 4 – without the extra one rakats of Witr] in the vigil of the month of Ramadan, while lightening the recitation. As for the inhabitants of Iraq, they have not ceased to be upon 5 Tarweehahs [i.e. 20 raka’ts] from the time of Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) till this time of ours. And as for when the Imam prays with them (the congregation) ALL THE TARWEEHAAT in the beginning of the night, and then he returns at the end of the night and he prays with them in congregation, then that is Makrooh (reprehensible). Do you not see the saying of Umar (radhiyallahu anhu) where he said: “That (salaat) which you sleep upon [i.e. Tahajjud] is more virtuous than that (salaat) which you are standing in [i.e. Taraweeh].” For, they would stand (for salaat) in the beginning of the night, and he saw their standing (for salaat) at the end of the night as more virtuous. We only consider that Makrooh [i.e. another Jama’at after completion of Taraweeh] due to what was narrated by Anas bin Malik (radhiyallahu anhu) and Sa’eed ibn Jubair (rahimallahu ta’ala) on the reprehensibility of Ta’qeeb [praying another supererogatory Salaat in Jama’at in the night].” [Masaa-il al-Imam Ahmad wa Ishaq ibn Rahwayh]


The following points become clear from this quote:

1) The unanimous Taraweeh practice of the Salaf-us-Saaliheen consisted of a minimum base of 20 rakats.

2) The only ikhtilaf present amongst the Salaf-us-Saaliheen – which is the ONLY valid ikhtilaf – pertained to amounts above and beyond the minimum base of 20 rakats. Thus, the so-called ikhtilaf propounded by deviates today, between 8 and 20 rakats, is an innovated (i.e. evil Bidah) ikhtilaf which did not exist amongst the Salaf-us-Saaliheen.

3) According to Imam Ishaq bin Rahwayh, while the continuation of Taraweeh in congregation in a later part of the night is permissible, the praying of Tahajjud in congregation in the same night is not permissible. Thus, Taraweeh and Tahajjud are two completely distinct and different prayers.

For authentic and direct eye-witness testimonies of Imam Malik, Imam Shafi’i, Imam Ahmad, and other undisputed Imams of the Salaf-us-Saaliheen (rahmatullah alayhim), which further affirm the points above, refer to the article “The Bid’ah of 8 rakats of ‘Taraweeh’” which is freely available online.


Take note that it is SATANIC to even insinuate that the most blessed and superior of generations, the Salaf-us-Saaliheen, en masse, had somehow lost or even worse, intentionally abandoned, the Sunnah and Afdhal (infinitely superior) practice of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).


It is SATANIC to even insinuate that the Salaf-us-Saaliheen, including the Sahabah (radhiyallahu anhum), had institutionalised a particular number of Rakats (i.e. 20) not found in the Sunnah, which amounts to accusing the most blessed and superior of generations of colluding, en masse, in instutionalising a Bid’ah Sayyi’ah (evil innovation). And this kind of attitude is a salient feature of Shiahs – a tendency adopted by the deviant Salafis.


It is SATANIC to scavenge for Shaadh (isolated, anomalous and rejected) rulings in our tradition, in order to justify a position that contradicts the understanding and practice of the Salaf-us-Saaliheen. Such scavengers hover on the brink of Kufr. Allaamah Abdul Wahhaab Sha’raani (rahmatullah alayhi) as well as other Fuqaha have said: “He who grabs hold of obscure (anomalous / queer) views of the Ulama, verily he has left Islam.”


Those who dwell under the self-deception that they are able to arrive at a “better” understanding of the Quran and Sunnah than the Sahabah (radhiyallahu anhum) should take lesson from the Khawarij sect who likewise gave preference to their own understanding of the Quran and Sunnah over Taqleed of the Fuqaha of the Sahabah (radhiyallahu anhum).


A whole article can be written on the sterling qualities and superiority of the Khawarij “Jihadis” over the modern-day deviates who delude themselves into believing that they are authentic followers of the Salaf-us-Saaliheen, whilst following a “Deen” (false religion) which is not fully subservient and rigidly bound to the Fiqh rulings of the Four Madh-habs which are the ONLY authentic mass-transmissions of the Deen of the Salaf-us-Saaliheen upon whom exclusively the authentic mass-transmission of the teachings of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) is fully dependent.


Despite the Khawarij “Mujahideen” devoting their entire lives in the path of Allah for what they sincerely believed to be Jihaad, for raising the word of Allah, and for the political dominance of Islam; despite their exemplerary Zuhd (abstinence from the Dunya) and superlative exertions in Ibaadah which Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had foretold would make even the Ibaadah of the Sahabah (radhiyallahu anhum) appear paltry; despite their sincere belief that all those whom they fought were Kuffaar, Mushrikeen, Murtaddeen and other Enemies of Islam against whom fighting is obligatory; despite their honesty and truthfulness which led even the most rigorous of Muhadditheen to repose trust in the Hadeeths narrated by them; and despite numerous other stellar traits, the Khawarij “Mujahideen” and “Shuhadaa” are bound to find out to their horror that they were all along, in reality, the “Dogs of Hell-fire” (Kilaabun Naar) and the “Worst of Creation” (Sharrul Khalq) as they are explicitly branded in numerous authentic Hadeeth narrations.


From this, one can understand the wasted effort, utter loss, and potentially accursed status of the multitude of deviates who dominate the landscape of “Deeni” activism today – as entirely expected in these worst of eras – who are all unfettered from Rigid Taqleed to the Fiqh of the Sahabah (radhiyallahu anhum) as authentically transmitted only by the Four Madh-habs,  and who masquerade as Mujahideen, Tableeghis, Daa’ees, Sufis, etc., whilst not possessing even a fraction of any of the laudable characteristics of the Khawarij.


Any “Deen” which differs even slightly from the Deen of the Sahabah (radhiyallahu anhum) which was mass-transmitted exclusively by the Salaf-us-Saaliheen and eventually compiled and recorded authentically only by the Fuqaha of the Four Madh-habs, will be Mardood (rejected) on Yaum ul-Qiyaamah.




Recently a sheikh from Kuwait has been going around in Lenasia from Masjid to Masjid. He visited our Masjid last night. We were unable to read our Sunnats after the Fardh because we were told to listen to his talk.

In his message, he spoke about the drivel of our smiling faces. He does not understand that whilst our faces maybe smiling, our hearts are bleeding over the suffering of the Muslim Ummah. Look at what those u pigs in India did to Asifa. Look at the suffering millns of Syria and Burma, etc. He never spoke about that or the suffering of the ummah

Do we need someone all the way from Kuwait to come tell us we have madrasahs and Darul Ulooms. Just imagine that he  came  all the way from Kuwait to tell us that we have madrasahs and ulooms and Islam and smiling faces. Don’t we already know this?

I believe he is originally from Pakistan and now stays in Kuwait, and is now part of some dawah team. Please comment.


The globe is awash with globe-trotting scholars – scholars for dollars who have no constructive work other than touring on the strength of public funds. They are bogus ‘dawah’ workers. They justify their pleasure trips with the stunt of ‘dawah’. Their pursuit is name, fame and the boodle that goes with it.

Whilst the Ummah is aflame and blazing in destruction, these scholars, molvis and sheikhs organize merrymaking tours and conferences. Just recently they had a merrymaking ‘ulama’ conference in Turkey where scholars for dollars and fame congregated for a couple of days of eating, merrymaking and talking bunkum, imagining themselves to be the creators of history, and hallucinating that  the  destiny of the Ummah is in their pockets.

This Pakistani-Kuwaiti sheikh and those who ordered the musallis to commit the haraam act of abandoning the Sunnah Muakkadah Salaat displayed their stark ignorance. Their stupidity did not allow them to understand that it is incumbent to perform the Sunnatul Muakkadah immediately after the Fardh. Their jahaalat impelled them to give preference to the silly talk over the incumbency of the Sunnah Muakkadah Salaat. This factor alone is sufficient to expose his jahaalat.

At the same time it also exposes the ignorance of the musallis who obeyed the haraam instruction. Do you worship Allah Ta’ala or the moron sheikh and the stupid chaps who issued the haraam instruction?

These so-called ulama of today do not have the haziest idea of the suffering of the Ummah. Therefore, they can squander millions of dollars of public funds to tour the world ostensibly and deceptively portraying themselves as ambassadors of the Deen whilst they are in pursuit of worldly and nafsaani objectives. They do not have any affinity with the Ummah at large.

If they had any genuine feeling for the Ummah, they would not have wasted millions on airfares, eating, excreting and merrymaking while millions of the Ummah are languishing in abject and grinding poverty, squalor, ignorance and suffering.  This Kuwaiti fellow is a typical sample of the miserable molvis and sheikhs who tour and congregate and assemble to portray the idea of them being physicians of the Ummah. But in reality they are all morons forgetful of the Day of Reckoning. In fact, they are oblivious of the Lesser Qiyaamat which commences with Maut. They conduct themselves as if they do not believe that they will ever die although Maut hovers constantly over their heads, and the Qabr calls out to then five times a day according to the Hadith. In the words of the Qur’aan: “They are dumb like cattle or worse.”



Question: What does the Shariah say about a body of sheikhs such as the MJC appointing a female to be on its executive? Is there scope in the Shariah for appointing a woman to an all-male council?


There is nothing surprising when a Carrion Gang consisting of fussaaq and fujjaar appoints a woman to its stupid executive. The MJC characters are real clowns – faasiq/faajir clowns.  These chaps gather firewood in the intense darkness of the night not knowing whether their hands fall on faeces or snakes. They are Juhala of the worst order.


As for the Ruling of the Shariah on appointing a Naaqisul Aql entity to a council, every jaahil Muslim is aware of the strict prohibition except these fussaaq and fujjaar MJC zig-zag characters who appear to be of the class described by the Shariah as Khuntha Mushkiel. That is, of indeterminate sex. Neither their sex nor their breed is known, While it is established and well-known that these miserable Fussaaq are shayaateenul ins, it is not yet known if these specimens of creation are actual jinn shayaateen or not.

Their evil is so pronounced and so flagrant that presenting Shar’i Daleel for their misconduct and flagrant indulgence in haraam, fisq and fujoor is superfluity’s and an exercise in redundancy because all Muslims understand the haraam villainy in which these pork-halaalizers are grovelling in pursuit of the jeefah (carrion) of the dunya.

Every Muslim in the street knows that it is haraam to appoint a woman to any post of leadership. But since the MJC council is constituted of the khuntha mushkiel type of miscreants, for them every haraam is a valid permissibility. They are worse than the coons of Cape Town. They are the worst CURSE with which the Western Cape Muslim community has been saddled. After all, they are the reflection of the  type of Muslims who inhabit the Western Cape. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Your deeds are your rulers”

Leaders and rulers of a community are actually the reflection of the moral condition of the people.


Among the Signs of the proximity of Qiyaamah, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had mentioned that a time will dawn when some people indulging in liquor, music and dancing will be transformed into APES and PIGS. And this means physical disfiguration and transformation into monkeys and swines.

In that era music will be so widely and intensely prevalent that the streets will reverberate with the voice of shaitaan (i.e. music).

The evil of music has today become so rampant and Muslims have become so insensitive and their Imaan so desensitized that every vestige of Imaani inhibition for haraam in general and for even such a great evil and sin as music has bee n eliminated.

The stage has yet to be reached when some of these vile people of music will be physically transformed into apes and pigs at the command of Allah Azza Wa Jal.

It is shockingly lamentable that the haraam voice of shaitaan – music – is now a frequent disturbance right inside the Musaajid via the evil cellphones which have been transformed into tools of shaitaan. In the very midst of Salaat these evil devices proclaim their voices of shaitaan with musical ringtones. These miscreants in addition to destroying their own Salaat, wreck the peace of mind and concentration of the entire Jamaat, and at the same time pollute the holy Musjid atmosphere with shaitaan’s voice. This is a clear indication that their hearts have already been disfigured. Their hearts have become the hearts of PIGS.

The one who has a cellphone with musical ringtones should reflect when he hears the voice of the devil on his phone. He should understand that his heart has become the heart of a pig, and this is the prelude for the literal manifestation of the Hadith. That is, physical transformation of faces into the faces of apes and pigs as warned by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

It is haraam to have a cellphone with musical ringtones. Even whilst the cellphone is switched off, it is a major sin to keep such a satanic device in one’s pocket even outside the Musjid. The evil of the sin is compounded when the spiritual filth is brought inside the Musjid. Then there are no words for adequate condemnation of such an evil person who allows the satanic musical ringtones to play inside the Musjid. Forgetting to switch the phone off is never a valid excuse. Firstly, it is haraam to have such a phone ringtone. Secondly, it is a greater haraam to bring it inside the Musjid. Thirdly, the forgetfulness according to the Qur’aan is by shaitaan who lulls the man with the pig’s heart into forgetfulness. There is simply no valid excuse.

Those who enter the Musaajid with these evil satanic devices should ponder and reflect. They must look into their hearts and they will not fail to discern that their hearts have been transformed into the hearts of pigs, hence they think and reason like pigs. Thus, they are bereft of the slightest vestige of shame for ruining their own Salaat with the satanic ringtones, and disturbing the entire Musjid with this evil sautus shaitaan (voice of the devil).

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Some people of this Ummah will past the night in eating, drinking, amusement and futility. In the morning they will find themselves disfigured into apes and pigs.”




A group of women very defiantly entered the Musjid in Ormonde for iftaar and Salaat. Despite the Musjid authorities prohibiting them, they stubbornly remained and refused to leave. What is their status in terms of the Shariah?


These women bereft of any vestige of haya (Imaani shame and modesty) conducted themselves lewdly like prostitutes. Perhaps they are lesbians. It is never possible for a decent Muslim lady of respect and shame to ever acquit herself with such obscenity as these lesbians had flagrantly, rudely and in Shiah style displayed. Some people say that they are affiliated to the Shiahs and their invasion of the Musjid was a plotted fitnah. The motive is to create mischief. Lesbians and prostitutes are experts in this satanic art of causing fitnah and fasaad. The fact that they selected the Musjid for their immoral fitnah confirms their satanism and the sinister elements goading them to commit the atrocities which they had perpetrated in the Musjid. They are lewd Munaafiqaat according to the Shariah. The trustees of this particular Musjid have to bear the evil liability of the haraam stunts of the immoral lesbians/prostitutes. It is a case of the chickens coming home to roost. They had opened the doors for this invasion by street scum whose morality is of the sewer drain type where rats prowl. The trustees of this Musjid had made provisions for ‘ladies’ facilities, and had even invited them to view the Musjid at the haraam opening day ceremony. Now what they are seeing are the consequences of their haraam and flagrant flouting of Allah’s Shariah by having thrown open the Musjid to these obscene, immoral lesbians-type women. May Allah Ta’ala save the Ummah from these legions of Shaitaan.


The following is a list of the essential and fundamental beliefs of the Shiah religion presented for easy comprehension by those who are cast into confusion by the hidden Shiahs and Shiah supporters in our midst.
1) THE DIVINITY OF SHIAH IMAAMS – Primarily, mainstream Shi’ism subscribes to twelve Imaams, the first being Hadhrat Ali (Radhiayallāhu anhu).All of these Imaams are god-incarnate, that is, they are invested with godhood, and they are sinless and surpass the status of even the Ambiya (Alyhimus salaam). All attributes of Nubuwwat (Prophethood) are predicated for the Imaams
2) REVELATION – The Angel, Jibraeel (Alyhis salaam) brings Wahi (Revelation) from Allah Ta’ala to the Imaams, Jibraeel’s initial error was to deliver the Wahi to Muhammad (Sallallah Alayhi Wasallam). He was supposed to deliver the Revelation to Hadhrat Ali (Radhiyallah anhu).

3) THE QUR’AAN – A FABRICATION – The Qur’aan which the Muslim Ummah has today and had since the past fourteen centuries, is a forgery fabricated by the Sahaabah.The true Qur’aan is hidden in a cave where Imaam Mahdi (Alayhis Salaam) is in concealment, He went into hiding at about the age of 7 or 8 years with the “true” Qur’aan. He will emerge from the cave with the Qur’aan at the approach of Qiyaamah.

4) BAD’A – ALLAH ERRS – Allah Ta’ala too makes mistakes. One such glaring mistake was his expression of pleasure for the Sahaabah.
5) THE SHAABAH – Almost 100% of the Sahaabah had reneged from Islam, becoming murtads, after the demise of Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam)

6) CURSES – Invocation of curses is an act of great merit. Especially curses on the Sahaabah.

7) TAQIYAH – Taqiyah or holy hypocrisy is the belief which encourages Shiahs to conceal their true beliefs from Muslims. Practising Taqiyah is an act of worship of extraordinary merit.


All these beliefs are explicitly stated in the books of the Shiah religion. Every Muslim can understand that those who subscribe to these beliefs can never be Muslims.



With its ominous silence regarding its relationship with the Shiah dajjaal Tariq Jamil, the Raiwand Faction of the Tabligh Jamaat, viz. Aalam-e-Shura, this Tablighi Jamaat faction is complicit in the dissemination of the baatil and dhalaal of this Tariq character who appears to be a covert Shiah and an agent for some sinister force.

Tariq Jamil has exposed his Shiah and other bid’ah and Fisq hues. There remains no doubt regarding the status of this Shaitaanul ins from the Shar’I perspective. He is a confirmed Mudhil who misleads the ignorant with deception and his brand of Dajjaaliyat.

Hitherto, the Tabligh Jamaat has portrayed itself as a Jamiat of the Sunnah. However, this claim is debunked and its hypocrisy is palpably demonstrated by the Raiwand Faction lying in an unholy haram embrace with the Tariq Dajjaal.While enlisting members of the public of all hues and persuasions to join its ranks for the objective of Islaah, is acceptable and understandable, elevating a confirmed Faasiq, Faajir, Bid’ati, Mudhil and Shiah bedfellow to the pedestal of leadership and advisors is haram intolerable and not expected of a movement which ostensibly professes to revive the Sunnah.The unholy alliance with this Dajjaal and the ominous silence regarding the Shiah Shenanigans displayed by Tariq Jamil on his current Shaitaani holiday in South Africa has cast a dark shadow of serious doubt and confusion on the Raiwind faction of the Tabligh Jamaat.

Mufti E. Salejee of Isipingo Madrasah and the Imaam a Trustees of the Hilaal Musjid in Durban who are the representatives of the Raiwind faction are also complicit with their silence regarding the Tariq Dajjaal.Meanwhile, the NNB Jamiat of Fordsburg with its Shaitaani appendage, Radio Shaitaan, who are promoting the Dajjaals propagations are surreptitiously sending out the message that the Dajjaal is in South Africa under the auspices of the Aalam-e-Shura Faction of the Tabligh Jamaat.

The Raiwind factions entanglement with Tariq Jamil has created the understanding that this Tablighi Jamaat sect is also plodding the trail of baatil despite its ostentatious self-portrayal as being a Jamaat of the Sunnah.There is an imperative and urgent need for the Aalam-e-Shura faction to denude itself of its satanic dubiosity and to cast off its cloak of diabolism by making a clear pronouncement regarding its nexus with the Tariq Dajjaal. Failing to come clean and allay the suspicions of true Muslims will perpetually damage the Raiwand faction. Then, there will be no option but to brand and include the Raiwand faction in the camp of the Ahl-e-Baatil and Mudhilleen.



Its kufr of joining the kuffaar faith leaders


Please comment on the MJC’s support and participation in the silent march of the faith leaders against lawlessness in the country. Among the participants of this silent march will be the Western Cape Christian Ministers Association, the Western Cape Religious Leaders Forum and the MJC. The silent peace and prayer walk will commence at the St. George’s Cathedral in Cape Town to the Castle of Good Hope where a prayer session will take place. Is it permissible for a Muslim organization to join such an interfaith assembly?


Firstly, the MJC has long ceased being a Muslim body. It is a kufrorganization masquerading as Muslim. It is in the forefront of kuffaar activities which it stupidly and baselessly attempts to pass off as acceptable by Islam.

This ‘silent’ walk in addition to being a futile act, is a kufr venture, especially the prayer session. It is haraam to participate in kuffaar prayers. It is not a secret that Christians believe that Nabi Isaa (Alayhis salaam) is god. They are mushrikeen. Only such deviates who are bereft of Imaan will join in a kufr prayer session, and participate in a baatil activity such as this silent march in emulation of the kuffaar.

It is haraam for Muslims to participate in any way whatsoever in this haram, baatil activity of the kuffaar. By participating in the prayer session, Imaan is extinguished. If any Muslim suffers the unfortunate calamity of joining the kufr prayer, he will lose his Imaan. It will then be imperative for him to renew his Imaan and also his nikah if he happens to be a married man.

May Allah Ta’ala save Muslims from the evil tentacles of these mudhilleenmolvis and sheikhs of the MJC who are shayaateenul ins (human devils). Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that “their tongues are sweeter than sugar whilst their hearts are the hearts of wolves. They are the shayaateenul ins.”

16 Zil Hajj 1439 – 28 August 2018





Please comment on the latest fatwa issued by Sheikh Qardawi on the performance of Hajj. In his fatwa he minimized the significance and importance of Hajj, saying that “there is greater spiritual gratification (in tending to the poor) than circumambulating around the Ka’bah”.

Qardawi has been severely criticized by the Saudi minister of Islamic Affairs, other officials of the Saudi government, and by social media activists. Is there any merit in what Qardawi says?


In the past we have severely criticized Sheikh Qardawi, especially on the issue of encouraging women to attend the Musaajid. Undoubtedly, he is a liberal, but a thousand times better than the Saudi palace evil sheikhs who are paid by the kufr Saudi regime to halaalize all the haraam, immorality and kufr upheavals which are transforming Arabia into a kufr state.

Whatever Qardawi’s motivation is for his latest fatwa, we shall not attempt to fathom it nor subject it to any criticism. Allah Ta’ala Alone is aware of what goes on within the innermost recesses of the heart.  Furthermore, we withhold criticism despite his liberalism, solely on the basis of his Fatwa being valid and correct in terms of the Shariah.

It comes in the Hadith that breaking the heart of a Mu’min is worse than breaking even the Ka’bah. Qardawi’s Fatwa applies to Nafl Hajj and Umrah. It does not apply to Fardh Hajj. In this context, his Fatwa is 100% in accord with the Shariah. In fact, we shall go the further mile to say that it is haraam in this age to go for Nafl Hajj and Umrah.

The entire journey and even right inside the Haram Shareef, the environment is bedeviled with shaitaaniyat. The Holy Cities have been converted into kuffaar style holiday resorts which are the main attractions for the throngs of so-called hujjaaj. They are more attracted by the haraam artifacts of westernization than by the Ka’bah. From the moment a person leaves home until he/she returns home, it is a scenario of bedevilment. It is haraam compounded with haraam at all stages of the journey and even at the destination in the Holy Cities.

Whilst, the stupid persons performing Nafl Hajj and Umrah squander tens of millions and even billions of dollars annually on mock-hajj and mock-umrah, soothing their conscience with acts of mock-ibaadat which they perform on outings which are in reality haraam merrymaking and holidaying, millions of the Ummah in different countries are languishing in grinding poverty, squalor, disease and jahaalat – such jahaalat which is the prelude to the effacement of their Imaan. In such a scenario it cannot be permissible to undertake journeys for Nafl Hajj and Umrah. No amount of soothing the conscience can justify this satanic waste of huge monetary resources.

Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Abbaas (Radhiyallahu anhu) broke his I’tikaaf for the sake of aiding a brother in monetary distress. This eminent Sahaabi justified the nullification of his I’tikaaf on the basis of the advice of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) who said that aiding a stricken Brother Muslim is the equivalent of 120 I’tikaaf. It does not follow that he had not made Qadha of the nullified I’tikaaf.  In the circumstances, he had opted for the Ibaadat of greater merit.

As for the Saudi criticism of Qardawi, it should be dismissed. It is the effect of political chagrin, and the effect of the kufr of the kufr Saudi regime. As for the criticism of the social media activists, it is the lament of the donkeys of shaitaan. These ‘activists’ are juhala agents of Iblees.

We are in agreement with Sheikh Qardawi on the issue of Nafl Hajj and Umrah.




Question:  The Evans Park Mosque in Johannesburg has advertised a “Mosque Open Day”. All and sundry, including kuffaar men and women, are invited to attend the ‘open day’ for a party. Can this ever be permissible in Islam?

ANSWER: How can the commission of sacrilege and the pollution of Allah’s House with the filth of kufr and janaabat ever be permissible? How is it ever possible for a Mosque to be used as a circus and to treat the House of Allah Azza Wa Jal as a kuffaar hall for partying and merrymaking?

Muslims know or are supposed to know that a Musjid is a holy venue dedicated for only the Ibaadat of Allah Ta’ala. As such, the Musjid requires that when a Muslim enters he should observe niyyat for Nafl I’tikaaf and perform two raka’ts Tahyatul Musjid. When it is haraam to recite the Qur’aan Majeed audibly inside the Musjid, what should be inferred from the status of merrymaking and partying? When it is haraam to engage in conversation inside the Musjid, what should be understood from the presence of Naapaak-Najis kuffaar men and women who will be participating in the shaitaaniyat which the trustees – the agents of Iblees – of the Musjid have satanically organized for their despicable nafsaani objectives?

The Qur’aan Majeed states explicitly that the purpose of the Musaajid is the Ibaadat of Allah Ta’ala. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) prohibited that a man enters the Musjid after having consumed raw garlic and onions. Now what does the intelligence of a sane Muslim dictate regarding the entry of kuffaar in the state of janaabat from who the Malaaikah flee?

The Musjid firstly curses the trustees who commit this sacrilege, and secondly it curses all those who will be participating in the haraam merrymaking and picnicking in the Musjid and its environs. Such flagrant haraam deeds of immorality must be expected in this era which is not far from Qiyaamah.



QUESTION: Please comment in the light of the Shariah on the invitation extended to women to come and view the new Musjid in Benoni? The name of the Musjid is Abu Bakr Siddique and is located in Mackenzie Park. How can this be permissible when it is not permissible for women to come to the Musjid for Salaat? 

ANSWER: The evil and hurmat of this immoral stunt organized by the fussaaq and fujjaar trustees of the Musjid are readily comprehensible to ordinary Muslims whose intelligence has not be deranged by the urination of Iblees.  But when Iblees urinates into the brains of people, then they behave like kuffaar.

The degree of desensitization of Imaan caused by the ulama-e-soo’ has emboldened the fussaaq to encourage the females to perform Salaat inside the Musjid. No longer does there remain any inhibition for violating the more than 14 century Prohibition on women from attending the Musaajid. All of this fisq and fujoor is the making of the evil trash (ghuthaa’) molvis who are masquerading as guides of the Ummah when in reality they are the Agents of Iblees.

This blatancy is not an overnight acquisition. It has taken years of erosion of Imaan and the neglect of the Shariah’s Ahkaam to reach this stage of degeneration that fisq and fujoor are being perpetrated right inside the Musjid. Although Benoni has a galaxy of a score or more of so-called Ulama, they all are “Dumb Shayaateen” for adopting silence when the Haqq of the Deen is being so brutally pillaged and plundered right inside the Musjid by the fussaaq who are in control of the Musaajid.

The stupid haraam advert calling the women out of their homes to take to the streets, says among other things of stupidity and drivel:

“Finger foods and drinks will be served.” The missing element is the liquor.  Why have the shayaateeni trustees omitted alcohol from this haraam menu? It is indeed incomprehensible for fussaaq and fujjaar who indulge blatantly and flagrantly in haraam inside the Musjid leaving out liquor from the menu for their memorable merry making party of zina.

Any Muslim who is conscious of Maut and Qiyaamah, and who has some understanding of the purpose of life on earth shall not allow his womenfolk to  participate in the haraam party of fisq and fujoor which the fussaaq/fujjaar trustees (Khaains) of the Mackenzie Park Musjid have organized in obedience to the call of Iblees.

It has just now been brought to our notice that the Mackenzie Park chaps have cancelled the women’s viewing. Whilst they do not mention on their cancellation notice the reasons for the cancellation, we have been reliably informed that the haraam event has been postponed for a future date due to some silly ‘structural alteration’ to be effected.

Since the cancellation is not the effect of believing that the event is haraam, our warning and naseehat remain valid.

[article from the majlis]


A Brother writes:

Please comment on the following activity initiated by women:

“It is with much sadness that we see such wrong activities that are taking place today and one does not even regard it to be sinful. More so, these activities lead us to greater fitnah and sin especially in the times we are living in.

I have come across an ad about a team of Muslim ladies planning a trip to Turkey for females only.  It is called a retreat – “find your future, journey to Turkey”. i have not seen anyone among the Ulama  speaking against this evil.  May Allah guide us All.”


You have not seen any ulama commenting because the world is empty of Ulama. There now remains only TRASH. Regarding this trash, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“The Saaliheen are departing one after the other (in quick succession). Then there will remain only ghutha (rubbish, trash, chaff) like the chaff of dates or barley. Allah will not have the slightest care (of mercy) for them”


As sad and lamentable as the trip of the Prostitutes masquerading as Muslims is, it should be understood that we are in Aakhiruz Zamaan –the Last of Ages and close to Qiyaamah. This type of prostitute fitnah and worse have been predicted. These are signs of the Impending Hour.

The group of prostitutes embarking on the haraam journey is not a Muslim group.  They are in fact not Muslims. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that it is not lawful for a woman who believes in Allah and the Last Day to embark on a journey without a mahram.” Therefore these women are not Muslims although they masquerade as Muslims and sport Muslim names. They are all the daughters of Shaitaan. They are shaitaan’s traps. And, this is confirmed by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) who said that women, i.e. of this prostitute ilk, are habaailush shaitaan (the snares of shaitaan).

Also, on the occasion when shaitaan was expelled from the heavens, he supplicated for traps with which he could ply his trade of deception and evil. Allah Ta’ala, granting his supplication said that “women will be your traps”. They are the women of the kind who undertake journeys without their mahrams, and women who prowl around the streets and public places enticing men into their tentacles.

It should also be understood that women being traps are not restricted to prostitutes of the kind who will be embarking on the trip to Hell. They are even the women who go to the Musjid, who attend public lectures at the behest of the ulama-e-soo’ who lure them out of their homes. These molvis labour in the self-deception of engaging in a deeni act by luring women out of their homes to listen to their lectures. Shaitaan has cast a veil on their eyes and he has urinated on their brains with the trick of “separate facilities for ladies”. They are just too stupid to see through shaitaan’s smokescreen.


Brother, there is much worse to come. People of the Deen will then wish to be under the ground.

[article from the Majlis]



Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“There will dawn an age…….when the worse of people

under the canopy of the sky will be their ulama. Fitnah will emerge from them, and the fitnah will rebound on them.”

There are many Ahaadith which inform us of the preponderence of the vilest villains in the community, namely, the molvis and sheikhs of dhalaal and baatil such as the molvis of Darush Shaitaan (so-called darul ihsan) of Durban, the NNB jamiat molvis and the MJC sheikhs and hybrid molvi-sheikhs. Their primary contribution to the community will be to ruin the morals of Muslims and to destroy their Imaan.

Darush Shaitaan has joined the NNB jamiat (No Name Brand jamiat) of Fordsburg in the haraam call to vote in the elections of the country.

It is essential for Muslims to understand that voting in kuffaar elections entails Shar’i violations:

(1) The law of a non-Muslim country and of all Muslim countries of this age is KUFR law. The Qur’aan Majeed states explicitly and emphatically that those who govern according to kufr law and support kufr law are “kaafiroon, faasiqoon and zaalimoon.”

(2) All candidates for whom people have to vote are promoters of Kufr and agents of Iblees. Voting thus means voting for Iblees.

(3) Total violation of Hijaab has to be incumbently committed in the process of registration and voting.

(4) Whilst the violation of Hijaab is haraam for both males and females, the prohibition has greater relevance and is of greater abomination for Muslim females. Muslims are supposed to utilize their brains to understand that when it is not permissible for Muslim women to go to the Musjid for Salaat, how can it ever be permissible for them to emerge from their homes in total and flagrant violation of the Qur’aanic prohibition to mingle with fussaaq, fujjaar and kuffaar to vote for Iblees?

To understand this prohibition, a Muslim whose Imaan has not been destroyed does not require much knowledge and proofs for guidance from the Ulama. Allah Ta’ala has bestowed sufficient intelligence to every Muslim to understand that participation in a venture of any kind whatsoever will be haraam if it entails violations of the Shariah.

Commanding Muslims to bypass the ulama-e-soo’, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said for our guidance:

“Seek a fatwa from your heart.”

These are such times of evil – made evil by the ulama-e-soo – that Muslims should increasingly seek “fatwas” from their hearts on new developing issues which the villains masquerading as Ulama employ to bamboozle the laypeople, leading them to Jahannam.

May Allah Ta’ala guide you and keep your Imaan intact and your intelligence functioning correctly to enable you to acquire the correct fatwa from your heart as commanded by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).